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As evening touches the leaves

...the sweetest dreams come

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Birthdate:Feb 3, 1988

About me
I'm a quicky and geeky university student who loves films, books and fashion. I'm a pretty quiet person, kinda shy and mostly introverted but I'm a fierce friend. *squishes* I can't forget to mention that I also love Italian Sodas and ice cream.

My fandom
Harry Potter is my one and only fandom and this journal is dedicated to that love. I'm an icon maker in the making, a new cheerleader, a start up reccer and a newly minted mod. As always, I comment, review, squee and flail. While I read various pairings (mostly slash), my OTPs are Draco/Harry, Severus/Harry and Remus/Sirius. On the rare pair side of things, I go for Tom Riddle Jr. (Voldemort)/Harry and Fenrir/Harry.

In my journal
Lots of memes. I love them. Reccs and sometimes icons. Post celebrating those on my f-list and their birthdays. Promoting and pimping. And maybe...just maybe some things about who I am.

These are works of fiction created for fun and no profit has been made. No profit were made. Rights belong to J.K. Rowling.

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